Irish Sisters Tragically Separated at Birth-Over 60 Year Later They Lock Eyes for the First Time

After more than 60 years apart, two Irish sisters meet for the first time.

Lesley Fagan was born in Enniskillen, a small town in Northern Ireland. When she was three years old, her mother became pregnant out of wedlock. For religious reasons, she felt it necessary to hide the fact she gave birth to a second daughter. After the delivery, the young mom brought her to a Catholic charity.

The woman stayed with her newborn baby girl for 6 weeks, making sure she was nursed properly. Shortly after, she signed away her rights to the child and authorized her adoption…but not before she memorized the names and address of the expected parents. She would keep this information for years to come.

Later in her life, Lesley was told she had a sibling, a sister three years younger than her. She immediately began the search to find her long lost family member.

By pairing social media with the expertise of two genealogists, she managed to track down Joan Crawford-Murray via Facebook. The moment she had been dreaming of was about to come true. After more than six decades of separation, the two decide to meet in Dublin, Ireland.

In the middle of the Dublin airport, two sisters meet for the first time after 60 years apart

In the middle of the Dublin airport, two sisters meet for the first time after 60 years apart


Lesley and her husband anxiously awaited her sister’s arrival traveling all the way from Perth, Australia. At the arrival gate, the siblings lock eyes for the first time.


The special moment is captured on camera and goes viral. Completely in tears, the two women share a loving embrace.

See the emotional encounter when the sisters meet for first time in the footage below.

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Source: Daily Mail