In What Can Only Be Described As Pure Fate, A Widower Is Given Back Same $1 Bill Late Wife Signed Years Ago

Years after his beloved wife passed, one man was reminded of her memory in a very familiar signature.

86-year-old Peter Bilello would forever remember September of 1964. It was the day he met his future wife. Then 35-years-old, Bilello begrudgingly agreed to visit his mother in their native country of Italy.

“My mother, she knew this girl,” Bilello, began. “And my mother says, ‘Why don’t you get married?'”


Grace was her name. Surprisingly, the couple hit it off. Just forty days after meeting one another, Peter and the 23-year-old were married in a beautiful, traditional, and authentically Italian ceremony. The newlyweds then moved to the U.S., settling in Connecticut to raise a family.

“She was a very good wife, very good cook, very good mother,” Peter said of their life together.

One day, after a routine trip to the doctor, Grace received devastating news. It was cancer.

“I thought it was going to be OK,” her husband said. “Wherever my wife would go, I go.”


Three years later, Grace’s health hadn’t improved. In fact, she was quickly deteriorating. That’s when Peter suggested an idea he thought might cheer her up. The man explained they should both sign a $1 bill.

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