In Valentine’s Day Surprise, Cop Asks Girlfriend to Marry Him with Creative Graffiti Proposal

Ashley Alderman made the nerve-racking move to Gainsville, Florida. She had no idea something else was about to change her life.


The 25-year-old packed her things to attend the University of Florida. Upon arriving, the young woman couldn’t help but notice the blank canvas that was the 34th street wall.


Officer Christian Hickey, the artist’s boyfriend, duly took note. That upcoming Valentine’s Day, he transformed the blank slate into a surprise proposal…in graffiti.


The couple met two years earlier in South Carolina on -wouldn’t you know it- February 14th. The thoughtful boyfriend knew the upcoming holiday was the perfect way to commemorate their anniversary.


“I was doing a lot of thinking while on patrol duty one day a few months ago, when I passed the wall,” Hickey said. “That’s when it hit me.”


Officer Hickey enlisted the help of his co-workers to spray paint the expansive concrete wall with the surprise mural he envisioned in his proposal. In hot pink lettering were the words, “Ashley will you marry me?”


The lovesick cop thought of everything, even leaving a blank space for his girlfriend to ‘spray’ her response. Needless to say, she said yes!

See the tear-filled proposal caught on camera!

Source: Daily Mail