Husband Still Writes Daily Love Letters to Wife- After 40 Years Together, She’s Collected All 10,000

After 40 years of marriage, one man’s undying love for his wife is beautifully expressed in 10,000 love letters.

Kristen and Bill Bresnan first met in 1974.


“So there I was, in 1974, at the podium of my classroom,” Bill explained. “In walks this beautiful, blonde…who will become my student for the next six weeks, four evenings per week.”

The professor and the girl developed a friendly relationship after sharing the same commute to school. The future husband and wife would exchange “little scribblings” while having a cup of coffee. Those small notes slowly graduated into post cards and full-on letters as time went on.


“I’d mail a card from Chicago, a note from Los Angeles, a napkin from a restaurant in Boston,” the romantic man remembers.


Kristen treasured every single one. The woman eventually dedicated an entire scrapbook to Bill’s little “scribblings.” The collection grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger over the years.


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“Every day — 365 days per year, each year — I write to my wife,” Bill states matter of factly. All the letters are signed, ‘I love you, my darling.’


40 years later, the 74-year-olds can prove it. Thanks to bill, Kristen has a collection of over 10,000 notes, one for every day they’ve been married. They’re all safely filed away, stowed in boxes upon boxes stashed in the attic.


The New Jersey couple live a peaceful life together.. Amazingly, they claim to have never fought after four decades of marriage. What’s the couple’s advice on how to build a long-lasting relationship?

“The key to any relationship is that you both have to work at it every day,” the loving husband explained. “And never go to bed mad. Talk about everything. Everything should get resolved before your goodnight kiss.”

See the couple that created a loving, 40-year marriage in this heartwarming clip!

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Source: USA Today