Husband Pays Tribute to Late Wife’s Memory-Plants Thousands of Oaks Forming Heart Shaped Garden

A farmer planted thousands of oak trees in a ‘loving’ shape, to pay tribute to his late wife.


Janet and Winston Howes were a couple truly in love. They met during the 1960’s and were married shortly after. They spent 33 blissful years together before heart failure caused Janet’s sudden death. Winston was devastated, left to pick up the pieces all alone.


The Howes managed to build a beautiful 112-acre farm over the years. Located in South Gloucestershire, England, the picturesque landscape looked like something out of a fairy tale. The couple’s favorite past time had been caring for the grounds. They regularly planted daffodils, and harvested home-grown vegetables. Those memories became the inspiration for a beautiful tribute to Winston’s late wife.

The 70-year-old man and other volunteers painstakingly cleared a six acre field in preparation to plant thousands of large 0ak tress. With the help of a gardener and landscape architect, Winston planted the oaks in a ‘loving’ shape. By the end of the ordeal, they formed a heart, representing the love the couple had for each other. The bereaved husband hoped it would make her smile.


17 years after Janet’s death, the oaks are a breathtaking image. The entrance to the “secret garden” can only be accessed from a trail at the very tip of the heart.

In later years, Winston planted daffodils in the center of the field. During springtime, the colorful flowers brightly bloomed in honor of her legacy. Needless to say, the enchanted forest holds a special place in the farmer’s heart.

“I sometimes go down there, just to sit and think about things,” Winston said. “It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years.”

See the story of their marriage in the slideshow below.