Husband of the Year Surprises Homebound Wife with Flowers and Trumpet Serenade at Airport

Ed Zamora couldn’t wait to see his beloved wife. After spending time abroad, Melody Chatelle was welcomed home with a one-of-a-kind trumpet serenade…in the middle of the airport.

As a younger man, Ed built a successful career as a band director. Melody was floored at seeing her husband break out the trumpet after so many years.


Waiting for his wife’s flight to arrive, Ed stood patiently inside the Augstin-Bergstrom International Airport. He came prepared with his brass instrument and a bouquet of Melody’s favorite flowers.


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Ed picked the perfect song, playing “What A Wonderful World.”  His wife of 33 years loved the Louis Armstrong version and trademarked it as ‘their song.’

“We’ve traveled all over the world and every time we go someplace, someone is playing that song. It’s become our song,” Melody stated.


However, during her two weeks vacationing in Spain, Melody hadn’t heard the song ONCE. So Ed made the tune one of the first things she heard coming home.

“…to have heard that song when I did, I was just floored.” Melody remembers. “I was so touched he gave [me] something to smile about.”


Luckily, the entire event was captured on camera The footage practically broke the internet!

“One of the takeaways is still be open to surprises after 33 years of marriage,” Melody said. “For my husband to show up at the airport and do what he did was such a loving gesture… it was a treasure that will always stay with me.”

Source: Daily Mail