Husband Never Returns After WWII Ends-Wife Learns He Died a Hero 67 Years Later

A military wife’s heartbreaking mystery is finally solved over 60 years later.

Billie and Peggy Harries from Vernon, Texas were married for a short six weeks before the Lieutenant deployed to serve in World War II. That would be the last time Peggy ever saw her husband.


During his first tour, the couple was in contact through letters and occasional phone calls. In their last words to each other, Billie explained he would leaving for Nazi-occupied France July 17, 1944. 67 years later, the military wife found out her husband died a war hero.

After the war, Billie’s whereabouts were unknown. Peggy received many notices saying the Lieutenant was classified as “alive,” “killed in action,” and finally, “missing in action.” Over the years, the confusion became a heavily weighted burden on her shoulders.













“Didn’t feel it was right that he just went off to war and didn’t come back – end of story,” Peggy said. “You need to know what happened to him.”

The love the couple shared during their short time together was the motivation she needed to keep living. Enlisting the help of a private investigator, Peggy finally solved the mystery surrounding her husband’s death.


She discovered he had in fact died during the war. The Lieutenant was laid to rest at the world-famous Noramdny American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy, France. After 67-years years of waiting, she received the closure she needed.

The woman was overjoyed and thankful to honor her husband’s memory by visiting his grave. The widow makes sure his legacy isn’t forgotten by sending flowers to his grave 10 times a year. Neeless to say, Leuitenatnt Billie’s headstone is the most decorated grave in the cemetery.

See the woman’s miraculous journey back to her husband in the story below.

Source: CBS News