Husband Loses It After Opening Wife’s Gift with Two Tickets To See Favorite Team At Rose Bowl

Becky Yockey knew just how much her husband loved Pennsylvania State’s football team. As the loving wife she was, she decided to knock his socks off with possibly the most epic present of all time. His reaction to the heartwarming gift was worth every penny.


Seeming a little confused as to why his children were recording, Dean stood in the family’s kitchen preparing to open Becky’s present. Unwrapping the top of the cardboard box, the man watched as it almost unfolded by itself. Inside were bright red roses and baby’s breath, floating in a glass bowl.

Dean immediately knew what Becky had planned. His eyes filled with tears of joy after reading his wife’s note that explained were going to see Penn State play in the Rose Bowl together.

“This is a dream come true. It’s really a dream come true,” Yockey said.

Thankfully his kiddos caught their dad’s emotional reaction on camera!!

Source: Huffington Post