Husband Has $2 Million Surprise for Wife on Christmas Morning, Reveals They Won The Lottery…3 Weeks Ago!

One man managed to keep a secret from his wife for nearly three weeks. Amazing, right? The story gets even better when it’s discovered he was hiding a $2 million lottery win.

Robert Bowlin struck gold after winning the Missouri lottery in early December. The man would collect a whopping $2 million. He couldn’t believe his “holiday luck.”


As a retired operating engineer, Robert didn’t really have any idea how to grow the sum or invest it properly. The first people to know about his winnings? A CPA and financial planner. After that, he didn’t tell a soul…until December 25th.

The loving husband and father of three wanted to surprise his wife with the best Christmas present of her life. He figured $2 million might do the trick. On Christmas Day, he made the shocking announcement: they were rich! His wife was thrilled at the news and in quite a bit of shock.


December 29th, the family piled in the minivan to collect their winnings. The couple, so far, doesn’t have any definite plans for the money. But we’re sure they’ll figure something out.

Source: ABC News