Husband Finds Out He’s Gonna Be a Daddy In the Cutest Photoshoot Yet

A wife surprises her husband with a special announcement using the guise of a “photoshoot.”

Newlyweds, Brandon and Breanna Dow, were participating in a “loved-up couple’s” photoshoot… or so her 26-year-old husband thought. The Wisconsin residents hired their previous wedding photographer, Samantha Boss, for the job. They were familiar with her work and excited to see the creativity she would add. Breanna had some thoughts of her own to contribute.


The 24-year-old wife recently found out she was pregnant and decided to make the announcement  with cameras standing by to capture her husband’s reaction.


The newlyweds drove to the perfect location, a beautiful, picturesque landscape with nothing but sky and and open space surrounding them. Breanna suggested the couple incorporate chalkboards into the mix as a fun “game.” With their backs towards each other, the couple answered scripted questions from the photographer.


“I told them to write three words that describe each other on their chalkboards,” Samantha explained.


Brandon hurried to write his top responses. Meanwhile, Breanna sat back to pose for the camera. Samantha took photos of both chalkboards before asking the husband and wife to face each other for the big reveal.


“Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board,” the photographer gushed.

To Breanna, keeping the secret was worth the wait. In a heartfelt moment, Brandon’s eyes filled with tears of joy as he reached for a hug from his wife. Baby Dow was no longer a well-kept secret.

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