Husband Diagnosed with Brain Cancer Makes Sure Wife Receives Roses Every Valentine’s Day After He’s Gone

One man managed to show love for his wife even beyond death in this pleasantly scented annual tradition.

Shelly Golay woke up that Thursday planning to go about her regular routine. The widow looked at the date only to be reminded of a formerly favorite holiday. This would be the first Valentine’s Day she would spend without her loving husband, Jim.


The 53-year-old had been tragically diagnosed with brain cancer one year earlier. Doctors explained his brain tumor was completely inoperable and advised the man had only a few short months to live. Hearing the grave news, Jim naturally headed straight to the local Wyoming florist. A special delivery months later would explain the strange visit.

A year after her husband’s death, Shelly found herself without a Valentine one February morning. A knock at the door changed that. The woman was handed a stunning display of flowers with a card attached. Between the colorful mixed roses was a one-year-old message.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Honey
Stay Strong!
Yours Forever,
Love, Jim”


She couldn’t believe what she was reading. Shelly frantically looked for the florists’ phone number in an attempt to learn more about the mysterious delivery. She finally reached Nick, of Nick’s Florists in Casper, Wyoming.

He explained her loving husband had visited the shop sometime before his death to make a deal with the business owner. Jim arranged a plan to deliver his wife a bouquet of roses once a year, every year, till she died. That Valentine’s Day was the first of many to come.

Shelly was shocked at the explanation and burst into tears right then and there. She was heartbroken Jim couldn’t be there to share in the surprise. Even so, she knows her husband thinks of her often. For now,the flowers are enough.

They’re “a testament of his love all over again,” Shelly says.

Watch her heartfelt reaction after receiving her husband’s surprise delivery in the footage below.

Source: USA Today