Hunky Father Blows Out Birthday Candles and Watches Quintuplet Girls’ Adorable Reaction

Celebrating Daddie’s birthday, the kiddos dressed in their Sunday best and gathered around the mouth-watering cake at the dining room table. All six of the man’s children, including identical quintuplet girls, were there to party!


With Dad’s eldest daughter in attendance, this birthday marked the first celebration with all six of his children together. Filled with anticipation, the excited 6-year-old danced around the living room waiting for the party to commence.

After wrangling the dressed alike little girls, the family was ready to celebrate.


In the adorably cute birthday video, Mom recorded while the entire family sung along to ‘Happy Birthday.’  The handsome husband and father blew out the candles only to get an unexpected and  priceless reaction from his five toddlers.

Adding to the memorable family moment, the confused quints muster a few cries and girly giggles. It didn’t matter to Dad. He was simply happy to be with his loved ones, grinning from ear to ear.

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