Honoring the Woman That Shared Her Name, 31-Year-Old Earhart Finally Finishes the Flight

Even though she isn’t related to the woman that originally attempted to brave the Atlantic, Amelia Rose Earhart finished the monumental trip.

The 31-year-old decided to complete the famous journey around the world in honor of her hero. Starting from the same Oakland Airport her namesake traveled from more than seven decades ago, Earhart began her trip around the world.

“I feel like it’s a part of me. It’s what I was born to do…” Earhart explained.


The cockpit was outfitted with cameras, giving the pilot an opportunity to upload photos during her trip. With her co-pilot, Shane Jordan, at her side, Earhart braved the airspace and the expansive Atlantic ocean.

“When I think about the feelings of opening up the hanger door on the morning of the flight and seeing the same view as Amelia saw — it’s really special to me,” the pilot stated the night before takeoff.

The pair stopped in countless cities and countries including Miami, Trinidad, Brazil, Africa, Singapore, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii during their monumental flight.


17 days and 100 flight hours later, Earhart became the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine plane. “The Amelia Project,” as it came to be called, was a success.

“I was trembling as we flew over. I’m fumbling with my cameras, trying to capture the moment. And I finally set everything down and just looked,” Earhart said. “I feel like we brought her home.”

Watch Earhart 2.0 change history books with her flight!

Source: ABC News