Homeless Man On Subway Is Brought To Tears After Stranger Gives Him the Shirt Off His Back

Joey Resto couldn’t bear to see the lonely man struggling to stay warm during the east coast winter season. He made sure to clothe him, giving him the shirt off his back … literally.

The 23-year-old, aboard a NYC subway train on his way home, noticed an elderly homeless man sitting by himself a few seats over.

“He looked cold, hungry…like he had just gotten beat up,” Resto said.


Walking over to the senior citizen, Resto handed him the white t-shirt he was wearing. Then, the 23-year-old removed the man’s hat and took the good deed one step further.

“He looked so weak and frail,” the good samaritan explained. “I had to help him, or he would not put it on.”

Little did Resto know, the simple act of kindness was caught on camera. The kind gentlemen had been filmed not only clothing the homeless man but looping his bruised and wrinkled hands through the arm holes of the shirt as well.


Posted online, the video has more than 13 million views. Resto disagrees with those that label him a hero, saying it was just ‘the right thing to do.’

“I don’t know how anyone could have walked past him and had extra clothing and not given it to him,” Resto said. “It just came from the heart.

Check out the footage for yourself in the clip below!

Source: ABC News