Homebound Soldier Isn’t Sure Beloved Pup Will Remember Him 3 Years Later. Then, He Hears His Voice

After three years apart, one lucky military dog is reunited with a man from his former unit.

Vance McFarland waited patiently inside the Boise, Idaho airport, filled with anticipation and nervous energy. He was on the lookout for Ikar, the Czech Shepard that served with him in this military three years ago.


The talented pup was trained as a Tactical Explosive Detection Dog. At McFarland’s side, Ikar ventured into the deserted plains of Afghanistan, sniffing out dangerous roadside bombs. The furry friend’s presence alone was enough to lift soldiers’ spirits during the violent period.

“Having a dog with you on deployment is almost like having a little bit of home,” McFarland explained.


After returning to the United States, McFarland lost track of Ikar. At the last minute, the loyal pooch was transferred to a different handler to venture into a new line of work. Sadly, the handoff  didn’t go through and the pup was abandoned at a kennel without a job or a friendly face.

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