Amazing Catch – Home Depot Worker Catches Baby in Mid-Air

Recently a worker at Home Depot became a down home hero when he caught a falling baby!

Chris Strickland was just minding his own business at work when he just happened to see out of the corner of his eye a baby leaning to the side in a basket. As he turned around, the baby started to fall right out of the basket! Not thinking and just reacting, Chris caught the baby in mid air, saving the child from hitting the concrete floor!

There’s no telling what could have happened to the child if Chris hadn’t been standing there. Chris had said that he was hanging out around the register, waiting on a customer, when he saw the child in the basket. The child’s car seat appeared to be loose, so he decided he would just keep an eye on it in case something happened.

So where was the child’s parents? The child’s father was standing at a register, distracted, as this incident occurred. He apparently saw the end result of the event, and thanked Chris multiple times before he left. I’m sure he felt pretty terrible about not seeing his child fall from the basket, while also being extremely thankful that Chris was there to make the catch.

Chris is a 19 year old who just graduated from high school and his job at Home Depot is his first. Can you imagine already becoming a hero at your very first job?! I think we can all agree that our first job is usually something pretty boring, and not an exciting moment that is now documented for all time. Because now, Chris, you’re internet famous. The video of him saving the baby has traveled all over the internet, and has 164,000 hits on one platform, and 310,000 on another!

Thank you, Chris, for saving the day. Oh, and #awesomecatch.

Watch the ‘catchy’ video below!

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H/T: CBS News