Hilarious Family Dresses Up like Trophies for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time to dress up for everyone. Some families like to do themes for this fun holiday – and some families end up pulling their costumes off so well that they can become internet sensations. One such family is the Hill family from Missouri.

This year, the family decided to dress up like trophies for Halloween. Denise Hill with her daughters Denver, Asten, and Aria, made the last minute decision to dress up in this “themed” costume simply because it wasn’t a complicated process, and it wouldn’t cost a lot of money, since they had almost everything they needed already.


After perusing the internet looking for a good costume, Hill saw the idea and decided to run with it. Her daughter Denver (5) decided she wanted to dress up like “the best ballerina.” Thankfully, she had a tutu, and all that was needed to complete her costume was a pair of ballerina slippers. Asten (8) wanted to be “the best soccer player”, and she already had everything she needed. Aria (15) wanted to be “the best runner”, and again had everything she needed. Denise decided to be “the best tennis player” and the only thing she was lacking was her wrist bands.

This creative mom then took some footstools that she had from Ikea, wrapped them in a black trash bag, put a rubber band around them, and then just put card-stock that she spray painted gold as the descriptor. She then spray painted all of the equipment and clothes gold, and all that was left was to paint themselves!

What a cute, fun idea – not to mention economically sound!

Photo: Denise Hill