High Schooler Asks Father Figure of 17 Years to Do This-His Response brought Me To Tears

One young woman at the end of her childhood asked the man that raised her to finally claim her as his own.

Lauren Hernandez had received her high school diploma and planned to celebrate by throwing a graduation party. The event was held in her home’s backyard and would include more than opening presents and serving cake.


Joe Iosco had been in the Hernandez family since Lauren’s 1st birthday. As the boyfriend of Lauren’s mother, Joe was the closest thing to a “father figure” Lauren had growing up; he practically raised her as his own daughter.

“He’s been there for everything for me,” Lauren said with tears in her eyes.

The two had a special bond, to say the least. No one was prepared for what the graduate had planned.


Lauren had a special surprise for Joe and decided her graduation party was the perfect place to reveal it.

After everyone had gathered around, she presented the man with a wrapped box containing a sealed envelope. Inside the envelope were official adoption papers.


After reading the documents, Joe dropped to his knees in tears. Having been raised in a “broken home” the man was happy to piece one together.


“I’ve wanted nothing more than to be her dad from day one…this is one of the best things I’ve ever received in my life,” Joe responded.

Luckily, the feeling was mutual.

“I never doubted that he was my dad…” Lauren stated. “…the fact that it’s going to be official makes me happy.”

Share in the family’s moment and watch the video below.

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