She Lost Her First Love To This, Until He Came Back to Her 70 Years Later

Roy Vickerman first arrived in Bucknall, United Kingdom as a young boy. At the tender age of 13, he would soon meet his future fiancé, Nora Jackson. Little did the couple know, it was long before they would be wed.

“I thought to myself, she’s the girl for me,” a much younger Roy remembers thinking the first time he laid eyes on Nora. “When the teacher told the class there’s a new boy from London, all the faces turned…the only one I saw was Nora.”

The feeling was mutual. After graduating high school, Roy expressed his undying love for Nora and proposed to the girl of his dreams. With the utmost excitement, Nora wholeheartedly agreed.

As a newly engaged couple, the two were on cloud nine. Then, Roy received upsetting news.

Roy and Nora before he was shipped overseas during the war

At the young age of 19, Roy was being shipped off to fight in what is now known as one of the most significant battles in history, the battle of Normandy.

Saying their goodbyes, the two were left scared for what’s to come. Thankfully, Roy returned home, safe and sound. His body that is.

“I think I developed post-traumatic stress disorder… I just wanted to be alone,” Roy said. “So I called off the engagement.”

Nora was heartbroken by the news. As time healed both wounds, the former couple eventually moved on with their lives. Both married other spouses and built a family full of children.

But something wasn’t right. No matter how hard he tried, Roy simply couldn’t erase the feelings for his former fiancée.

“I had always thought about Nora the whole time…,” he explained.

The war veteran couldn’t accept the fact he would never be with his first love again and began his search to find her. Then, the impossible happened. Roy discovered Nora had been far closer than he could have ever imagined.


Roy promised himself he would muster the courage to stop by for a visit. Not wishing to intrude, Roy planned a simple apology complete with hand delivered flowers. After the first knock, Roy was greeted by his former love.

With a loud, “Oh Roy, I thought I’d never see you again,” Nora immediately recognized him and she planted a kiss, with the two sharing a much needed embrace.

They two became inseparable once again. 72 years later, during his 90th birthday party, Roy used the original ring he had saved for many decades to ask Nora the same question he had years before. Her answer? Yes.

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Source: Washington Post