Heroic Waitress Saves Life of 87-Year-Old Who Doesn’t Show Up for Daily Piece of Cake

Elderly woman, Doreen Mann had a distinctive routine. Every morning the woman would get up, get dressed, and visit Tomassi’s Cafe. Doreen would order the same piece of cake every early morning visit. She’d been doing this every day for the past 10 years. When she didn’t show one day, Sonia Congrave immediately knew something was wrong. Interestingly enough there was.

Doreen had been trapped in the bathtub before being discovered by police

Doreen had been trapped in the bathtub before being discovered by police

During that one morning, Doreen was going to take a bath before she left. Suddenly, her knees gave out from under her. She slipped and was stuck in her bathtub. She would lay there for four days before her rescue. Without a way to get out, Doreen drank cold bath water to stay hydrated.

Sonia was a little surprised when the woman hadn’t shown the first day. She figured maybe the woman planned to come tomorrow. But when Doreen hadn’t show up after four days, she knew something was wrong. She immediately made the call to Essex Police and asked them to check on the elderly woman. After heading straight over, they heard Doreen’s cries cries for help. Doreen was grateful for her friend of 17 years.

Sonia saved 89-year-old's life when she hadn't come in for cake

Sonia saved 89-year-old’s life when she hadn’t come in for cake

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“If it wasn’t for her, I would probably still be sitting there. I kept myself calm and thought ‘I mustn’t panic’ but I never want to experience that again, ” Doreen said.

The 39-year-old waitress was happy her friend was ok. She wanted to make sure this never happened again and decided to buy Doreen a cell phone.

Sonia reminds everyone to keep an eye on our friends and neighbors in a loving statement.

“She is my biggest friend…I think it would be nice for us all to take a bit of a time-out to remember our neighbors or remember the lady down the road who you haven’t seen in a few days and just give a knock or a phone call.”

Watch the video below to see the woman’s grateful response.

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Source: Daily Mail