Heroic Taxi Driver Saves Family from House Fire

Heroes come in many different shapes and forms. They arise from moments when people choose to be brave instead of passing the responsibility to someone else. This taxi driver shows us the true definition of a hero with his actions.


 In Dublin, Derek Malone is a 40 year old taxi driver. While working one night, he was dropping someone off near Knocksedan Estate when he noticed a house was on fire. Instead of simply calling 911 and leaving, he decided to take matters into his own hands and see if there was anyone inside. After noticing the smoke, he took off towards the house.


    The front door was locked from the inside, and he tried to knock it down but couldn’t. That’s when he heard the mother and her young child inside the house, and told them to go into the living room where there was a window unblocked by the fire. After the two reached the living room, the mother lifted the little girl out the window to Malone, allowing her to escape the fires within. The mother then crawled out of the window with Malone’s help as well. A little while later the father joined his family outside the house, without Malone’s help, but escaping without having to worry about his wife and child.

    Because of Malone, the entire family escaped the blaze without injury. Malone had been at his home watching a movie before he got the call that a passenger needed a ride. If he hadn’t responded to the call, he would never have seen the house, and the family may have not escaped unscathed. Both Malone and the family are very thankful that Malone did receive the call, and that he decided to act instead of simply driving by and waiting for the authorities. Way to go, Derek!


Photos: Collins Photo Agency