Heroic NICU Babies Dressed Up for Halloween as Their Alter Egos

Sometimes, having a baby doesn’t always go as planned. A lot of times, these babies then spend some time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, also known as the NICU. It can be a sad and stressful experience for the parents, especially around holidays that they were planning to spend with their babies. Many people like to take pictures of their babies dressed up for these different holidays – such as Halloween.

For the parents of the babies in the NICU, it can mean that they don’t get that experience for the first holiday after their baby is born. Well one nurse in South Carolina wanted to change that. Katie Windsor, a nurse in the NICU of Catawba Valley Medical Center’s Center for Women and Children, decided she would dress the NICU babies up like superheroes, because, “They really are superheroes, so it was perfect.”

Windsor is 35 and a registered nurse, but turned seamstress to give these babies costumes for their first Halloween. She gave these babies costumes, turning them into different superheroes including Superman, Batman, as well as witches, princesses, and other characters. The babies were then photographed in a super cute photo session.

She even created backgrounds for the pictures, and took the time to make capes from scraps of fabric or crocheting them herself! There were even broomsticks for those “witches” in the group. She stated that she simply wanted to bring some joy into the lives of these parents who are having a rough time in their lives – having to leave their babies in the hospital when they go home.

For those babies who are currently on oxygen or have IV’s, she simply dressed them up in their own beds, instead of putting them on the backdrop she created.

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What could easily have been a rough Halloween for many parents was turned into a fun little memory, complete with pictures, for these babies’ and their families.

Photos: Facebook, ABC.com