Heroic Mom Saves Her Son from Attempted Kidnapping by Not Letting Go

It’s a scary world we live in when a mom can’t even go to the bathroom without having to worry about someone following her into it to try and take her baby. Which is exactly what happened to this one mother in Valley Stream, New York.

The photos taken from multiple surveillance cameras in this mall show the attempted kidnapper walking through with a hat and brown skirt. Kristen Powers was in the bathroom changing her 1 year old son when the woman approached her and told her that she had a beautiful baby. But something about the tone of the compliment put Kristen on alert. She said she felt that something bad was about to happen.

And she was right. After complimenting Kristen on her baby, the woman walked around the bathroom looking under the stalls, probably checking to see if there were any witnesses or help in the bathroom for what she was about to do. She then came back to Kristen, putting her hand on the baby’s forearm while saying, “Give me the baby.” Kristen refused, pushing the woman’s hand off her son’s arm. The woman then grabbed the baby for a second time and told Kristen again to give her the baby. Kristen then grabbed her belongings and took off out of the bathroom, running to the nearest security officer to tell him what had happened.

Thankfully there was an officer near her, and she took refuge in his presence. After explaining what the woman had done, the officer told Kristen he would let authorities know that there was an attempted kidnapping so they could take the proper precautions. He also told her she had done the right thing.

I know Kristen was relieved! Way to go, Mama Bear!

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