He Was Rejected by His Adopted Family, Only to Stumble into the Arms of His Biological Sister

Being given up for adoption is difficult on any child. Not fully understanding why your biological parents gave you up, waiting in the foster system to be adopted by a “forever family” is difficult to deal with. But none could imagine the pain of the child that is adopted, and then rejected – sent back into the foster care system because the family that adopted them simply changed their mind.

This is exactly what happened to Logan Hunt. When he was adopted as a young child, he thought he finally found the family the he had always wanted. He never imagined that they would bring him back. After he was brought back, he bounced from foster home to foster home, never really settling, never really finding his family, and never really being happy. At age 18, he finally was phased out of the foster care system and put out into the world to find his own path. That’s when he decided to try and find his biological family.

Logan was sleeping in his car, homeless, with nowhere to go when he finally decided to find his biological sister Shyann. She had also been adopted when she was a young child, but she never came back. Logan believed she must still be with her adoptive family. She would be 17 years old.

Eventually Logan did find his sister. He met her adoptive family, began to spend time with the entire group of them. At first, Shyann’s parents were very skeptical. This 18 year old boy just showed up unannounced one day, with no explanation other than the fact that he was Shyann’s brother. Why didn’t he have a family of his own? While it appeared somewhat sketchy at first (especially since Logan was living in his car), once they got to know Logan, they fell in love with him the same way they loved Shyann.


Eventually they decided to offer a place in their family for Logan. While he had been for some time, they decided to make it official by adopting him as well. Although he was an adult (at 19 years old), they all went to court so Logan could finally be a court official part of the family he had always been searching for.


How cool! Although it must have been hard to not have the family he wanted before he grew up, Logan is forever thankful that he did finally find his family.  Even if it took 19 years to find them.

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