He Was Diagnosed with Dementia, His Loving Daughter Teaches Him Things He Forgot- Including Riding a Bike

One loving daughter went above and beyond, helping her senile dad learn to ride a bike again.

Steve wondered if his father’s progressive deterioration was a little more than “old age.” After a diagnosis of dementia, he proved to be right. Over the years, the 79-year-old began to forget things. Simple things at first: where he left the car keys, what time he had to be at an appointment, etc. The truly sad times occurred after the grandfather couldn’t remember his own name or how to do simple tasks.


In the past, the elderly man relied on “muscle memory” to power through snow shoveling or doing dishes. Recently, the father mentioned he no longer knew how to ride a bike; he sadly couldn’t remember. The man’s daughter-in-law was heartbroken and suggested he learn again. She even volunteered to teach him!


One bright and early Saturday morning, the two met in the driveway, prepared to conquer the task. With the man’s feet on the pedals, the pair started slowly. His plan was to “do what Steve does.” Focusing intently, the 79-year-old followed his daughter-in-law’s instructions.


The woman began the lesson by walking next to the bike, helping him balance by holding the handlebars. Next, she ran next to the bike…with a little less control. Slowly but surely, the 79-year-old made progress. After the first initial struggles, his daughter-in-law was the one trying to keep up!


Eventually, Grandpa was riding the bike by himself. The husband and wife hadn’t seen his face that light and bright in years. Needless to say, the 79-year-old wore an accomplished grin on his face. As a complete pro, the man was ready to go for a ride.

His first request? A short ride to the local Dairy Queen.

Source: Good News Network