The Bond Between Pit Bull & This Little Girl Will Make You Cry


No creature on this planet understands the modest canine when it comes to devotion. You see a devotion unlike any other, when you take a look at a dog with its human family.

This story has been circulating around social media for years: you have a father who’s stressed the family pit bull would become a danger to his newborn daughter. He told his wife the dog would be gone at the very first hint of trouble. What he sees, however, is the polar opposite of what he anticipated. Dog really is mans best friend.

My partner and I owned two dogs that we brought into the union and had possessed before we met. Her dog he despised me, and labrador combination named Zack. When our daughter was born, I said to the wife, he’s gone If he nips at the infant.


Both dogs sniffed and licked, and we brought our daughter house in a car seat her, tails wagging. I needed to pull on Zack away from her because he wouldnt quit licking her. Zack instantly became my daughters guardian, and he constantly had to have one foot on the blanket when she was lying on a blanket on the ground.

Zack adored my daughter profoundly, and constantly walked her to bed, and slept on the bed with her when she became a little old. He’d wait in the foot of the stairway for her, and he understood it was time to really go upstairs, then follow her up to bed.


Some dirtbag neighbor children poisoned Zack, and we’d one of the worst days of our lives. Seeing my daughter say good-bye to him as he set on the kitchen floor, my lovely wife and I both sobbed.

At 8:00 that night, my daughter walked to the stairs to go to bed. At that instant, all three of us understood what was going to occur. After FIVE years, she didnt have Zack to follow her upstairs. She looked at me and her mom using a look of panic and terror.



It was at that instant that my dog, walked around to her, who adored my daughter but wasn’t in Zacks league, stood up, and nudged her with his head. He looked up at her, and set his foot on the staircase. They walked up to bed, with my daughter holding tightly to his neck.

For the following six years, until he died, Sam waited by the stairway for her each night.

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