He Sold Everything He Owned To Travel To Son He’s Never Met 28 Years Later

David Winkelspecht had a rocky start in life. At just 17-years-old, the man was forced to join the military and leave his newborn baby boy at home. Sadly, the family was nowhere to be found when the soldier returned home.

The absence of the boy, also named David, left a void the father couldn’t fill. It was as if he was incomplete without his son.


In what can only be described as fate, Winkelspecht’s friend was able to locate David through Facebook. 28-years later, David was all grown up and living with a family of his own in San Diego.

The war vet and loving father had decided to sell everything he had, putting the money towards a trip to sunny California. Finally, he had a plan to meet his son and grandchildren for the first time.


In a heartfelt surprise, Fox’s Surprise Squad gifts Winkelspecht the money that would make it all possible. The man wouldn’t have to pawn all his possessions after all. But that wasn’t the only surprise in store for the father. His family was actually in the next room!

Check out the heartfelt reunion caught on camera!

Source: Fox News