He Pulled Her from The Rubble After Devastating Earth Quake- 72 Hours Later, The Lovebirds Say ‘I Do’

In this surprising turn of events, a devastating tragedy transformed into a charming love story.

It was a regular Friday for Emma Howard…until things took a turn for the worse. A devastating earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, taking the city completely by surprise.


The 23-year-old happened to be inside one of the many buildings that collapsed under the storm’s extreme pressure. After medal beams buckled and walls crumbled, the young woman laid trapped under the piles of rubble… for six, anguishing hours.

“…I was going to die,” the young woman said. “I went through crying fits.”

Howard sent an urgent text message to her fiancee, pleading for help. Without a hint of hesitation, the woman’s prince charming rushed to her rescue. After arriving to the gruesome scene, Chris Greenslade was horrified by what he saw. Scraps of metal and chunks of crumbled concrete stood in place of Howard’s former office building.

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