He Promised To Come Back for Dog If He Left Afgahnistan Alive- Years Later He Does

Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach never thought he’d see his four-legged friend again. Then he got the surprise of a lifetime.

Gundlach shared a special bond with Casey, the bomb sniffing dog he’d worked with during a deployment in Afghanistan. If the two made it out alive, the soldier vowed to take care of him. Turns out, that’s exactly what happened.


Casey retired from the military, only to join the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office sniffing explosives. After the marine’s persistent pleads to adopts the pup, Fire Marshal Ray Reynolds finally gave in … only, he didn’t tell Gunlach that.

Planning the surprise reunion, Reynolds told Gunlach he needed to travel to Wisconsin on to present the request to officials. Little did the marine know, it was a completely made up story.


The city arranged an elaborate celebration held at the capital building. The moment Gunlach locked eyes with Casey, he felt the love all over again.

Check out the tear-filled reunion in the clip below!

Source: The Atlantic