He Lost His Memory to Alzheimer’s, But His Heart Kept This Romantic Tradition

One elderly man with Alzheimer’s doesn’t forget the love he has for his wife sixty years later.

Melvyn and Doris were lucky enough to fall in love as a young couple, living a fairy tale life. The husband and wife always managed to stop and “smell the roses” throughout the years… literally.


After the pair became parents, Melvyn made it a tradition to buy his wife a bouquet of short-stem white roses every Mother’s Day. For years afterward, Doris looked forward to the sweet reminder of his love for her.

Sadly, after Melvyn was diagnosed with dementia, his memory started to fade. The disease put a strain on the couple’s marriage, making Doris’ life much more difficult.


The man couldn’t remember how he purposed to his wife, the birth of his children, or the remnants of his childhood. Precious experiences were forever lost

After a handful of “close calls,” Melvyn proved he couldn’t be trusted to recall his his age, name, or even where he lived if necessary. Interestingly enough, the “head over heel love” he had for his wife hadn’t diminished a single bit.

Like clockwork, Melvyn set out to surprise his wife yet another Mother’s Day. Things took a turn for the worse after the man got a little turned around…two miles away from his home. Luckily, police were nearby and noticed the puzzled look on his face.


Approaching the elderly gentleman, officers learned Melvyn was on a mission and practically refused to return home empty handed. The elderly man thoughtfully wanted to surprise his wife with a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Sgt. Brian Grigsby and Officer Troy Dillard were moved by Melvyn’s sheer determination. The men in blue graciously agreed to stop at a florist so the man could pick out the perfect arrangement.

While the boys were busy shopping, Doris had called local law enforcement at the realization her husband had disappeared. Hearing the call, officers kindly drove the Alzheimer’s patient to his address.


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The loving husband greeted his wife of 60 years with the bountiful bouquet of roses. They were keeping the romance alive. The policeman tried to explain to the woman they were forced to be accomplices in the “Mother’s Day mission.”

“We had to get those flowers,” Grigbsy said.”We had to get them, I didn’t have a choice.”

Doris was hopeful at the fact her husband could recall at least one cherished memory the couple shared together.

“It’s special,” Doris said. “…even though the mind doesn’t remember…the heart remembers.”

Watch the loving husband come through once again, celebrating the love he has for his wife.

Source: CBS News