He Didn’t Think His Sons Could Come to His Wedding – That’s When He Looked in the Back of the Car

A wedding is a big deal, whether it be for a parent or for a child. When this father thought that his sons couldn’t make it to his wedding, he was understanding but was also disappointed. Frank had his sons from a previous relationship, and they were currently living in Arizona when he was getting married in Michigan. So he understood that with the cost of plane tickets and travel time, they couldn’t make it to the wedding.

What Frank didn’t know was that the two brothers had been working on a surprise for nearly two months, and were actually going to be able to make it to the wedding! His sons had been flown in the night before the ceremony, and were only going to let their dad know that they were there hours before the wedding began.

Jason, one of Frank’s really good friends, had the two boys hide out in the back of his car. His job was to lure Frank out there to come see what he had in the car, and then the surprise would take place. Jason talked to Frank, telling him to come outside, “You gotta check out what I got.” Frank thought that Jason had some supplies for the wedding and readily agreed.

When the pair got outside, Frank peered into the car and was shocked to see his two sons sitting in the back seat. He was overjoyed that they were going to be there for this very special day. Frank even begins to cry! He says, “I can’t believe I’m looking at my kids right now, I haven’t seen them in so long!”

It was definitely a moment that Frank nor his boys will forget. I know they were ecstatic to be there for this joyous occasion, and that joy is definitely seen in the video.

Watch the emotional reunion below! But be aware, there is some strong language.

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