He Created Special Video for Grandpa with Alzheimer’s So He’ll Always Remember His Wife

After grandfather developed Alzheimer’s, grandson guaranteed the family patriarch never forget the love he shared with his wife.

Alfred and Sylvia Paley stood the test of time. They first met at 14-years-old in upstate New York. The two were inseparable after that.


Married for 67 years, the man and wife were truly in love. That gave them the strength to overcome life’s challenges. One of them being Alfred’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s at 89.

“Sometimes, I don’t understand what’s going on around me,” Alfred explains.


According to Sylvia, the disease doesn’t define him and isn’t anything they can’t overcome together.

“You never stop being in love, even if you’re in this situation. I don’t look at the things we can’t do, I look at the things we can do, because it’s all an adventure,” said Sylvia.


Sam, the couple’s grandson, didn’t want his grandfather’s memory to fade. In fact, he made sure it wouldn’t. Commemorating his grandparent’s life together, their precious memories, and life’s milestones, the young man created a beautiful video for Alfred and Sylvia.


The tribute included personal photos, and fun facts that perfectly captured their 67-year marriage to one another. He decided to reveal the surprise during Alfred’s 89th birthday celebration. He called it “A Life in Love.”

Alfred managed to say it best.

“You want to know what love is?” Alfred said. “It’s wanting to be with people, with certain people, as much as you can.”

Watch the couple’s 67-year long journey in the sweet and loving footage below.

Source: Inside Edition