What Happens When This Gorilla Is Reunited With The Man Who Raised Him Will Leave You in Tears

Damian Aspinall is an English conservationist who brought up a zoo-bred Lowland Gorilla, “Kwibi,” like his own son. Kwibi was eventually released into the jungles of Gabon when he was 5-years-old in 2005. Some years later, Aspinall decided to track down Kwibi in 2010 and recorded the entire encounter. The video below is the most unforgettable and heartwarming reunion between a gorilla and the man who became his adopted father. Aspinall says he never expected Kwibi to remember him… but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

(Source: AquaVitaFilms)

What a reminder that he friendship between animals and humans can be a joyful thing.

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