This Guy’s Best Friend is a.. Grizzly Bear?!

Casey Anderson is an avid outdoor adventurist. Six years ago, he had an encounter with nature that he will never forget – and, it completely changed his life.

Casey found an abandoned grizzly bear cub – no mother in sight. But instead of leaving it to the natural world, he decided he would help the poor baby bear. He took the bear cub into his home, and quickly developed a relationship with the creature!

Throughout the next years, he dubbed the bear “Brutus” and they continued to grow their friendship. They became the best of friends. Brutus lived in the house with Casey until he simply became too large to stay inside. He was then moved outside, but was still staying very close to Casey – Casey even created the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary, just for Brutus, giving him a safe and special place to live and stay close to Casey.

Now, Brutus and Casey work together in public service to teach people about different creatures, and just continue to love each other and be friends!


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Casey has worked with many different types of animals throughout the years, which is what encouraged him to become friends with Brutus. Despite the obvious danger, Brutus remains one of Casey’s closest friends, with a friendship like none other. Brutus now weighs over 800 pounds! You won’t believe that despite his huge size and dangerous demeanor, Casey still lets him be a part of his family. There are even pictures of Brutus at Casey’s wedding and other family events!


What started as a compassionate encounter of rescuing a baby cub has turned into an amazing, species spanning friendship; showing us all that once again, love knows no bounds – even through species.

Watch the awesome video below!

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Photos: Pinterest, CasualObserver, Natural Geographic