Groom with Cancer is Brought to Tears After Wife Opts for This Hairdo At Their Wedding

Joan and Craig Lyons were ecstatic to finally tie the knot. After a devastating diagnosis, the blushing brides showed loving support for her new husband with a matching hairdo.


The perfect couple, both 44-years-old, had taken their time finding each other. Unfortunately, time would no longer be on their side. After the two became engaged, Craig was diagnosed with a fatal strain of cancer. Doctors advised the inoperable tumor on the man’s pancreas gave him only a few more years to live.


Joan and Craig both agreed it would be wise to move up the date of their wedding ceremony.

The big day finally arrived. The loving couple, wearing their Sunday best, of course, said their vows in front of friends and family. Following the phrase, “you may kiss the bride,” Joan and Craig made their way to the reception hall. Excited guests patiently awaited their arrival. Little did they know, they were in for a show.


Joan had a special surprise planned for the crowd as a tribute to her new husband. Sitting in a chair at the center of the room, Joan shaved her head…completely bald. Craig never thought she looked better.

“It was the obviously the first time I had seen Joan without her hair and she looked beautiful, absolutely stunning,” the groom said. “…it has always been about Joan for me – she is the woman of my dreams.”

Watch the moment Joan loses her locks for love in the couple’s wedding video!

 Source: Daily Mail