Groom Makes Wedding Vows to Bride And Daughter on Wedding Day

When a man marries a woman with a daughter, he is really marrying a family unit. That is something that needs to be realized and a concept that should really be thought about before the commitment is made. It’s not fair to the bride or the child if the groom hasn’t realized this. But this one man made the ultimate commitment, not only vowing to love his bride forever, but also vowing to love his new daughter forever. It’s the sweetest story.

Diogo Bolant knew exactly what he was getting into when he decided to marry Nicole. He also wanted his stepdaughter to know that he knew exactly what he was getting into, and to make sure that she knew how big of a role she was going to play in their future lives together. Instead of simply making the vows to her mother, he also decided that he was going to give the vows to her as well. Isadora is six years old, and as soon as her soon to be stepfather started making vows to her, she couldn’t keep from crying.

Diogo even went as far as to have a ring made for Isadora! According to her mother Nicole, it was important to include her in the ceremony because she is in the stage of her life where weddings and princesses are all that she is interested in, and she loved being a part of the wedding as the little maid of honor. Nicole even said that it was sweet the way that Diogo was devoted and cared for a daughter that may not be his biologically, but he treats as his own and loves.

It’s a very sweet and touching story! Watch this video about it below!

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Photos: Pulse