Grocery Shopping Will Never Be the Same – Thanks to Amazon Go

This past year has been an interesting one for apps, to say the least. With the release of “Pokemon Go” along with multiple other apps grossing well over millions of downloads, there has also been a recent shift in how grocery stores may work in the future. With Amazon’s new opening of their own grocery store line that will be coming to the public later next year, they are currently testing it in Washington state (Seattle).


Amazon is planning on naming their new project “Amazon Go” and will be a completely new experience for grocery shoppers. There are no checkout lines. There is no wait to pay for what you’ve picked up, it will automatically be checked and sent to your Amazon account by you scanning your phone as you walk into the store.

This could not only shorten the wait time for getting your groceries, but may even make grocery shopping more pain free and enjoyable for everyone. You would literally be able to just walk into the store, grab the items you need, and walk out.

If you grabbed something off the shelf and then decided to put it back, you wouldn’t be charged for that item – only the items that you walk out of the store are the items you are charged for, thanks to all of the somewhat magical sensors throughout the storefront.

In the short video that has been released to show us this awesome idea, there are even kits to make complete meals! This means that you could potentially walk in and out within five minutes (less than, even) with everything you need to make a meal, or take it with you to work or wherever you may roam. The overall idea is fantastic, and if Amazon can get it together, they may easily beat the line waiting in Walmart and other “convenience” stores.

This would be the ultimate convenience store! No waiting, no fighting in line! Watch the promo video below!