Grieving Mother Listens to Dead Son’s Message As A Heart Donor

One woman’s devastating tragedy transforms into the miracle a family was praying for.

California native, Heather Clarke, was living every parent’s nightmare after the death of her son, Lucas. Sadly, the 7-month-old infant was killed in an accident under the supervision of a babysitter. The horrific incident was barely tolerable for the grieving mother.

Heather and her 7-month-old son Lucas

Heather and her 7-month-old son Lucas

Seeking comfort, Heather decided to create life from her baby’s death. She made the decision to donate Lucas’ organs to three desperate families. Jordan Hernandez would be the first recipient.

The four-year-old girl was born with a congenital heart defect that required immediate open heart surgery and a complete transplant. Esther Gonzalez, Jordan’s mother, was beyond ecstatic to hear her daughter would live.

Jordan Gonzales was miraculously saved after she received the 7-month-old's heart

Jordan Gonzales was miraculously saved after she received the 7-month-old’s heart

After a successful operation and a speedy recovery, the families decided to meet face to face. To show her extreme gratitude, Esther prepared a special gift for the grieving mother. She gave the woman a Build-a-Bear the family had specially created specifically for her. Inside was a recording of Lucas’ heartbeat. Immediately, Heather is brought to her knees and overcome with emotion at the sound.

Watch the emotion-filled video in the clip below (it reminded me of Seven Pounds)

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Source: NY Daily News