Grandma Screams for Joy After She’s Surprised with a Bun In the Oven

Sean and Lynn Kreps had a special announcement to make to his mother, Lee. But not before they made her work for it!

The young couple hid their mother’s early birthday present in the family’s  Durham, North Carolina kitchen. Lee gladly went on the search for her gift in what turns out to be a very short scavenger hunt.

“She is always enthusiastic about anything you do, so we knew she’d be excited,” Lynn revealed.


Sean thoughtfully set up cameras around the house to capture his mother’s reaction. A few times, she mistook those for the actual gifts! After looking everywhere possible, Lee’s search led her to the oven.

“The funny part was, she hollered when the oven door opened, but she didn’t even know what she was hollering at at first,” Lynn explained.

Inside was a cinnamon roll. A few short seconds later, the woman realized “it’s a bun.” Sean graciously helped her along with the question, “where is it?”


“Crazy Momma Lee’s” response was priceless. The soon-to-be grandma, completely overjoyed at the news, let out her world famous scream.

“We’re going to just go insane with the whole thing,” Lee said. “I had been wanting Lynn to get pregnant for many years. You know, there’s always the mother -in-law and the daughter-in-law, and I cannot tell you what a perfect match we are. My son did such a great job.”

See the scream that made “Crazy Momma Lee” a viral sensation!

Source: ABC News