Grandfather is Moved to Tears After Daughter Finally Reveals the Secret She’s Been Keeping

After many failed attempts to start a family, Kirsten and her husband were ecstatic to finally announce they were expected a child. With plans to surprise Kirsten’s father, they kept a secret for weeks.

Struggling through infertility challenges and multiple miscarriages, Kirsten was starting to feel defeated. It had been months and months of trying with heartbreaking disappointment.

Finally, the couple’s circumstances changed. Kirsten discovered she was pregnant the week of July, 4th and couldn’t wait to tell her husband. Eventually, the news spread like a wildfire no one could contain.

Excite Kirstin displays her baby bump during a pregnancy stage shot

Grandpa Robert, Kirsten’s dad, was one of the first people to know. There for the ups and the downs of the couple’s journey, Grandpa Robert offered support. He knew how invested his daughter and son-in-law were in the process and wholeheartedly congratulated them on the news.

In fact, he was so excited, he insisted on remaining a part of the entire process. Accompanying the couple to doctor visits and learning about prenatal care was only the beginning for Grandpa Robert.

He wanted to fully immerse himself in the earliest stages of his grand baby’s life.

Once Kirsten had reached the second trimester, it was time for the anticipated ultrasound to reveal the sex of the baby. Kirsten, her husband, and Grandpa Robert were stuffed in the tiny room with the ultrasound technician.

Grandpa Rober'ts expression once he discovers the secret his daughter is hiding

On the edge of their seats, all three waited in excitement. The results? It was a boy. Everyone was over the moon.

Months later in September, the couple threw a gender-reveal party for those who still didn’t know the sex of the baby. Kirsten and her husband purchased two cakes, each with frosting color coated to represent a little boy or girl.

Then, the couple spelled out the name of their baby in big bold letters … something no one but the expectant couple knows. Without giving away the surprise, we’ll just say Grandpa Robert was in for a surprise!

Check out his heartfelt reaction in the touching clip below!

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