Stranger Hears Teenagers Mock Elderly Man’s Run Down Home and Gets Volunteers To Completely Transform It

Josh Cyganik witnessed a heartbreaking moment outside the neighborhood elder’s home. Seeing the defeated, crushed look on Leonard’s face was enough to inspire the railroad worker and 95 friends to do something incredible.

Walking back to his truck, the railroad worker noticed two teenage boys standing in front of an elderly gentleman’s home, mocking and laughing at his worn out property.


“They were on his side of the road and I heard them from where I was. They said loud enough for me to hear “look at this crappy house they just need to burn it down”! I looked at the old man sitting on the porch with his head down and it got me thinking…”

At that exact moment, the good samaritan decided he’d be the one to return the home it its former glory. Immediately after witnessing the heartbreaking incident, Josh posted to social media. After explaining a few local businesses were willing to donate supplies and materials, the kind soul requested a friendly favor.


“So I’m asking if anyone that wants to help this Saturday to volunteer their time to help paint this gentleman’s house! I’m thinking 8 o’clock Saturday morning … Thanks everyone for your support,” Josh posted to Facebook.

The man couldn’t have prepared for what happened next. 95 volunteers showed in support, including out out-of-towners from Washington, California, and even the great state of Texas! After only a few hours work, the house was completely transformed.

Taking a peek at his freshly coated and sparkly new home, Leonard couldn’t believe his eyes. According to Josh, it was an absolute pleasure to bring a smile to the man’s face.


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“I was raised to respect the people who came before you … I don’t think any elderly person should have to endure what I heard from those two kids’ mouths. Leonard can now sit on his front porch for the rest of his years while feeling good about his home,” the railroad worker explained.

The good samaritan kindly declined the title of ‘hero,’ saying the simple act of kindness was ‘about respect’

“According to the media, I’m a hero. I’m not a hero, I just heard something that bothered me,” said Cyganik.

Source: Daily Mail