Golden Retriever Mom And 9 Pups Are Breaking The Internet With This Adorable Snowball Fight

The family outing recorded the adorable moments the 7-week-old litter took to the snow for the first time.

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Boon and her babies were having the time of their lives; well, maybe the puppies. After prancing and playing with the excited dogs, the exhausted mom attempted a relaxing break in the white powder. Needless to say, it didn’t prove successful.

Her plan to disappear for a quick moment turned into a game of tag for the litter of nine … exactly what Boon needed.



The busy mama tried her best to keep up with the crew but was simply outnumbered! Admitting defeat, she finally decided to let the pups dog pile on top of her.

Even so, the interaction couldn’t be more adorable to watch.

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