This Little Girl Lost Her Independence to Rare Disease, Her Town Surprised Her With A Service Dog

A small town in Colorado came together to help make a little girl’s daily life just a tad easier.

Sadly, 6-year-old Ellie Steimer was diagnosed with a degenerative and rare disease. Ellie’s mother, Jill Steimer, was told her daughter had developed spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. She was only two-years-old at the time. 

The disease affects her fine motor skills, causing uncontrollable and severe seizures. Simple actions such as walking and talking are extremely difficult for the 6-year-old. Unfortunately, Ellie is forced to depend on other people for everyday tasks.

Ellie’s mother searched for every possible option that could help her daughter feel more independent. Finally, she found a solution: a certified service dog.

Little 6-year-old Ellie has 4 other brothers and sisters

The pup would be able to perform all kinds of tasks for the little girl. Most importantly, he would be able to stabilize her while she walked and alert people before Ellie suffered a seizure.

The family’s joy was short lived. The certified service dog came with a hefty price tag of $15,000, a sum the family could never afford. With four other children in the house to provide for, Jill was stuck.

Beatrice Timmerman, a member of the Sterling community, read about Ellie’s story on Facebook. There was no way she was going to let this opportunity pass the family by.

“That broke my heart. Seeing this 6-year-old girl who could not go crazy and just run how every kid does and wants to be,” Beatrice said.

Shortly after, Beatrice began organizing a fundraiser, “Ellie’s Night,” in the little girl’s honor. The event took place at Blue Collar Steakhouse, a well-known restaurant.

A good samaritan from Sterling, Colorado rallies the community to help fund a service dog for the little girl.

Amazingly, 100% of the proceeds (including tips!) were contributed to the fund for Ellie’s future service dog. After just one night, the community was able to raise close to $3,000.

4 Paws for Ability, the organization that would provide the service dog, decided to jump on the bandwagon. A Facebook page, Paws for Ellie was created.

The story went viral and a GoFundMe page was added to the mix. Today, she is over halfway to her goal. $7,683 of the $15,000 needed has already been raised.

Watch the video below to see the beautiful little girl in action.

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