Get Outta the Way! This Adorable 1-Year-Old Snowboarder Is Taking the Slopes!

Just in time for winter, a certain 1-year-old showed everyone how it’s done…on the ski slopes!

Zach and Katie Henderson had absolutely no idea they had a prodigy on their hands. Little Sloan melted everyone’s hearts, taking to the slopes after only twelve months of life.


Full of excitement, Sloan’s parents followed right behind her with uplifting words. “Get psyched, Sloan! Yeah, let’s do this!”


The two are avid snowboarders themselves and wanted to guarantee their little angel could join along during family adventures. Training started as soon as soon as she could walk! And Sloan did not disappoint.


“Cruising” along -as Zach calls it- Sloan successfully boarded down the mountain. “You’re a boarder!” the proud father stated.

And Sloan knows it! She sealed the conversation with a high five! Needless to say, the footage of the 14-month-old is completely adorable.

See the too cute moment for yourself in the clip below. Sloan certainly seems to know her stuff.

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Source: Today Show