Genius Rescue Dog Saves Rescue Mom

    Animals can do some incredible things. Just ask Janet Wilhelm. Janet is a nurse in Mckinney, Texas, working in labor and delivery. She recently had an unfortunate accident which could have been deadly, had it not been for her rescue dog, Mabel.

You see, Mabel is a black lab that was rescued by Janet’s family three years ago.

Janet was in her garage, unloading dog food (the irony behind that is terrible) and putting it away, when she slipped and fell. She ended up breaking her pelvis in five places, and was in an excruciating amount of pain, unable to walk, and not even in the reach of a phone to call for help with.

That’s when Mabel came to her owner’s rescue.

Janet grabbed a hold of Mabel’s collar, and Mabel started backing up. Before Janet figured out what Mabel was doing, she thought Mabel was trying to get away from her. But really, Mabel was trying to drag her rescue mom out of the garage, and get her into the house. Which is exactly what she did. The twenty feet from where Janet fell to inside the house took an hour and a half. But by bringing her into the house, it put Janet within the reach of a cell phone, where she could call her husband for help.

Had it not been for Mabel pulling her owner to the house, Janet would have been stranded in the garage unable to walk for close to eight hours, which is how long it would have been for her husband to come home. The break in her pelvis was so bad, Janet is currently having to go through extensive therapy to be able to walk again.

Without her sweet dog, there’s no telling what the recovery would have looked like. If there would have been one at all.

Watch Mabel tell the story in her own words below

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Photo Credit: WFAA