Generous Man Gives Barefoot Homeless Woman A Pair of Tennis Shoes On Subway, Even Helping Her Tie the Laces

After jumping on the train in his regular route home, Rade was immediately heartbroken at what he saw. The kind and generous man couldn’t help but feel sympathy and decided to give back in the spirit of Christmas.

The subway was filled with busy crowds of people, all completely oblivious to the struggling homeless woman without any shoes. In the busy Serbian city, Rade was accustomed to such poverty. But, for some reason, he couldn’t get the image of the poor soul living completely barefoot.

The following afternoon, Rade rode the same train, once again spotting the same woman. This time, the man wasn’t empty handed. He took out a pair of brand new tennis shoes for the woman, tying the laces himself while bent down on the subway floor. He even packed a sandwich for the assumed hungry mystery rider.

With a brand new pair of tennis shoes and a full stomach, the woman couldn’t have been happier. The only thing left to do? Share a hug and some meaningful conversation. Of course, Rade couldn’t say no.

Check out Rade’s simple act of kindness!

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