Garbage Truck Driver Wakes Up at 5 AM to Feed Homeless Family Living Behind Dumpster

A garbage man discovers a homeless family living behind a dumpster to stay warm. He changes more than just their lives.

Arnold Harvey, a sanitation worker in Maryland, took pride in his job.

“I love what I do,” was a phrase he regularly uttered.


He was a on mission to do better for the world…and for the people in it. As a garbage man, Arnold had regular encounters with the homeless population of his city.

The memory that affected him most was the day he saw a family of four huddled behind a dumpster. The image of the parents and their two children freezing in the east coast winter pulled at his heart strings.


He knew someone had to intervene to help the struggling families. He didn’t know he would be that person. Arnold and his wife collected donations of food, hygiene items, and essentials creating “love bags” to hand out on the man’s regular trash route.

Full of gratitude, families graciously took the gift baskets Arnold so lovingly created. The once freezing family with small children no longer went hungry.


That one deed wasn’t enough to satisfy the generous man. The couple invested their entire $401K to offer regular donations of “love bags” to the homeless. Those efforts expanded to supply clothing, trade skill education classes, and other useful items to the less forunate. Their efforts have managed to help thousands each month.

Watch one man help change the lives of many in the inspiring clip below.

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Source: ABC News