Four-Legged Friend Named Hero After Saving Owner from Deadly House Fire

A woman’s life was almost taken. Thankfully, a furry, four-legged hero wasn’t going to let that happen.

Early on a Sunday morning, Andrea Bulat slept comfortably. She had no idea that her home had caught fire and was completely engulfed in flames. Thankfully, her 80lb. chow did. Che was the loyal pup’s name.

Che would soon go to the ends of the earth to save his owner's life

Che would soon go to the ends of the earth to save his owner’s life

At 4:40am that same morning, Andrea’s neighbors were experiencing quite the opposite of a good night’s rest. They couldn’t help but hear the loud and constant barking coming from Andrea’s home. It was as if the dog was trying to get someone’s attention.

After hearing Che’s incessant barks, the nearby residents took a look outside. They were in panic at what they saw. Clouds of smoke and vicious flames steamed from the nearby residence.

Neighbor Anthony Daly immediately called for help in hopes of saving the lady trapped inside.

“The whole first floor was engulfed,” Daly explained.

Her four-legged pup became her rescuer

Her four-legged pup became her rescuer

Once the fire rescue team arrived, they were stunned at what they found. Che, her loyal pup, was laying on top of his unconscious owner on the living room floor. The chow was doing everything he could to protect her.

“The dog stayed on her chest the whole time, which prevented her from being burned totally,” another neighbor added.

Those who knew the relationship Andrea had with her dog weren’t surprised. The two defined the term ‘best friends.’ Once paramedics were allowed to take over, Andrea was rushed to the hospital while Che was taken to the veterinarian.

Andrea received a grim diagnosis. She was in critical condition and had 3rd degree burns over 50% of her body. Without her beloved pet, doctors said it was unlikely she would even be alive today.

Che was treated for severe smoke inhalation and made a miraculous recovery within a week’s time. His heroic acts caused quite the stir within the community. The pup even made headlines with the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, a crew dedicated to the care of animals in emergency situations.

The pup was given oxygen to treat severe smoke inhalation

The pup was given oxygen to treat severe smoke inhalation

Jen Leary, the organization’s founder, had heard similar stories before, saying “it happened all the time.” What she hadn’t heard was the effort one dog would put forth to order to protect his owner. She was surprised, to say the least.

“We’re told all the time from families that we assist it was because of their dog…not so much the shielding the owner in the way that Che did,” she said.

Thankfully, Andrea Bulat recovered with minor injuries. Today, she owes her life to her heroic and beloved friend Che. One neighbor summed up the once in a lifetime experience.

“…I’ve always heard stories of where animals would help save their owners…Now I’ve lived one,” the resident said. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes. That’s a beautiful thing you know?”

Watch the video below and appreciate the four-legged hero in action.

Source: ABC News