For 1 Month, Husband Documents Reasons That Make Wife Cry- This List of “Weepy Reasons” Is Absolutely Beyond Hysterical

One caring (maybe slightly sarcastic) husband documented each time his wife shed a tear and the detailed reason behind it.


Aaron and Lex Gillies were weepy and in love. That is…Lex was weepy and love. Husband Aaron claimed his wife literally cried at everything and anything.

“…absolutely anything. I mean, ANYTHING,” were his exact words.

Convinced no one would take his side in the matter, Aaron wisely decided to document every tear filled event for an entire month.

“…I started writing the reasons down because… reasons,” the loving husband stated online.

The final list of ‘weeping reasons’ is absolutely hysterical. His obviously sweet and tenderhearted wife leaked compassion and sympathy wherever she went.

After reading the list, Lex found herself completely “amusing.” And thank goodness! The internet couldn’t agree more! Once you read the first couple lines, you’ll understand.

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Source: Huffington Post