First He Pays for Groceries She Can’t Afford…Then Mom of Three Realizes He’s A Celebrity!

Robin McFadden was simply shopping for groceries before she accidentally miscalculated the whopping bill! Thankfully, a kindhearted saint was standing buy to cover the damage.

The Georgian mother, with three kiddos in tow, stopped at the market in an attempt to run a ‘quick’ errand. Needless to say, her toddlers didn’t exactly speed the process along. During the family’s shopping trip, Robin was balancing restless children, a full shopping cart, and an impending time crunch.


After grabbing everything she needed, the accomplished mom headed towards the check out line. That’s when things became a little dicey for her toddler and ten-month old.

“By the time I got to the register, the two small ones were fussy,” Robin said. “I tried quieting them with some candy but it didn’t work. The kids were going insane.”

In a rush to disappear from the packed storefront, Robin tried her best to hurry the cashier along while bagging her own groceries. Unfortunately, there was one element the busy mom hadn’t accounted for: the total cost of her goods.

After scanning each individual item, the store clerk informed Robin the total was $25 more than she anticipated. That was cash the Georgia resident didn’t have. Shuffling through her wallet to locate extra funds, the stressed out mother heard a calming, yet familiar voice behind her.

“I tried to calm down” Robin explained “…when I heard someone ask, ‘How much is she short?’”


The woman turned around, only to lock eyes with Jeff Foxworthy, the Hollywood comedian. She recognized the man’s distinct ‘show tone’ from the TV show “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”

“He laughed, walked around me,” Robin said. “…put his card in the machine and said, ‘Watch this.’”

Speaking to the cashier, the TV host generously offered to pay the total cost of the young woman’s stockpile. With tears in her eyes, Robin reached out for a hug before stealing a selfie with the celebrity himself.

“He was such a great guy and I was so happy and lucky to have met him,” she said.

Transport yourself to the supermarket, watching the clip below!

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Source: Inside Edition